Multi Axes Weld System V1.4

Our experts have developed a precise multi axis welding system to maximise the production rate of our customer. This machine can tack weld, stitch weld and full weld at the speed of 720 deg/sec. We design and develop a system such that it is low maintenance and user friendly. Nikit does not fail in assuring quality and continuous order fulfilment.

MIG welding applications only.

  • 1800mm * 500mm * 300mm Area of weld zone
  • 400mm Vertical Position Diameter circular weld range
  • 150mm dia ports ; Square End Flange ; End Caps & Rod eye welding.
  • 250mm Diameter tube rotary axes with speed of 720deg/sec.
  • Tack Weld ; Stitch Weld ; Full Weld Options
  • Weaver ; Multiple Pass ; Oscillator Options
  • Repeatability @ +/- 0.01mm ; Positioning Accuracy @ +/- 0.01mm
  • Linear Speed @ 200mm/sec ; Torch Rotary Speed @ 1440deg/sec
  • Memory option for multiple programming with Touch UI.
  • Linear ; Circular ; Arc ; Profile & Cam based welding.
  • 20,000 work hours of warranty on dynamic components & motors.


Weld Quality

100% penetration levels.
Successfully tested up to 400bar pressure

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