Multi Axes Weld & Cut System V1.5

Many of our customers quoted about facing problems in welding the larger components insight we built an automatic machine to weld the ports, flange, rod and end caps. MAWS V1.4 is capable of performing linear, circular, arc, cam and profile based welding. Along with the product we also deliver honesty, quality and reliability.

MIG welding & PLASMA cutting applications only

  • 3200mm * 1800mm * 750mm with Area of weld zone
  • 3200mm * 1800mm * 150mm Area of plasma cut zone
  • 1500mm Length Rotary manipulator with tail stock.
  • 1000mm Diameter Job Rotary axes with speed of 180deg/sec.
  • Tack Weld ; Stitch Weld ; Full Weld Options
  • Weaver ; Multiple Pass ; Oscillator Options
  • Repeatability @ +/- 0.09mm ; Positioning Accuracy @ +/- 0.02mm
  • Linear Speed @ 100mm/sec ; Torch Rotary Speed @ 720deg/sec
  • Memory option for multiple programming with Touch UI.
  • Linear ; Circular ; Arc ; Profile & Cam based welding.
  • 20,000 work hours of warranty on dynamic components & motors.


Weld & Cut Quality

100% penetration with precise weld bead.
Cutting Accuracy at +/-0.25mm

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