Auto Tube Profile Cutting System

We as NIKIT have developed plasma cutting system to automatically load GI pipes. This machine can select specific profile out of 300 different dimensions and take up for operations. To reduce manual operations we have one of our best systems which auto loads the tube profiles to perform plasma cutting operation using excel based modules.

Plasma cutting applications only

  • 4500mm * 200mm with Area of weld zone
  • Auto Tube Loading system with different diameter fixtures.
  • Auto loading tube lengths up to 6000mm.
  • Plasma cutting of lengths up to 4500 mm+ 2500 mm with auto feed.
  • Text & excel format profile inputs for innumerable programs.
  • Circular Cut ; Profile Cut ; Linear Cut with Torch Bevel Options
  • Auto Torch Height Controller. Repeatability @ +/- 0.02mm ; Positioning Accuracy @ +/- 0.02mm
  • Linear Speed @ 250mm/sec ; Profile Cut Speed @ 150 mm/sec
  • Memory option for multiple programming with Touch UI.
  • 20,000 work hours of warranty on dynamic components & motors.


Cut Quality

Cut profile accuracy of +/- 0.25mm.
Nil burr deposition based on plasma machine.

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