MIG CNC - Successfully Installed

    The operation of our MIG CNC system has successfully commenced and the output of the washing machine stands are at the rate of 2min 22sec for about 23 weld points. Production rate has been increased by 85% with a top notch quality in weld bead : is the outcome of the innovative cnc system developed for this application. We thank all our team members, vendors and the clientele for their extended support. ...

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    Nikit N1 ROTARY

    The rotary code named N1 - a fully integrated direct drive system with a completely built in positioner feedback sensor and the plug n play socket with utmost accumen is what we needed the most. The prototype - 1 design is swinging into development tomorrow. We hope it outscores. With all your good wishes....

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    4 - Axis Gantry Welding System up there and running

    We thought it would be an off beat issue having to work on robotics with dad (Mr. Niranjan Kumar) having to negate this possibility. But with constant persuasion he has accepted it and the more delighted with what it actually means to a client. Yes the 4 - axis gantry (1200mm*1200mm*300mm) is by far the largest welding equipment built by us till date. It has a span of 3250mm bed length for the pneumatic push pull system to come in handy for quick positioning. I forgot to mention that this gantr...

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